"Five out of five stars! The music is eclectic, beautiful, hilarious, catchy and plot-relevant—the harmonies actually demonstrate Pythagoras’s discovery of how various ratios (e.g., the length of a plucked string) are expressed melodically. And the clever lyrics and brilliant book not only bring dimension (literally) to the Pythagorean Theorem we all learned in school, but help us grasp the organic ubiquity of The Golden Ratio. Ann Arbor’s David Wells (playwright) and R. MacKenzie Lewis (composer) have structured this show with all the architectural precision and attention to proportion that makes the Parthenon sublime." -- The Detroit Examiner

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"Irrational is an inventive, terrific idea that went from a blank piece of paper (or laptop screen) by co-creators David Wells and R. MacKenzie Lewis to a musical that I am willing to bet will travel to every college town in America, and well beyond... The decision to set the story to music in the first place, was inspired. Not only does it help keep the potentially heavy sledding of the story breezy, but Pythagoras is credited with figuring out the connection between math and music. So, there’s that too." -- Encore Michigan

"Lewis’ score may be at its best when Pythagoras and the chorus are involved, but it’s consistently strong throughout the play. Lewis’ songs are excellent, mostly traditional show-tune stuff with bits and pieces of funk, R&B, and rock thrown in to lively effect." -- Pulp Magazine


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